Our Story

At Sonny's Flower Shop, we believe in the power of nature's beauty to inspire and uplift the human spirit. Our story is rooted in the journey of our inspiration, Son Vu, an extraordinary woman who left her homeland of Vietnam during the tumultuous Vietnam War and found solace and joy in the vibrant world of flowers. Settling in the United States in the 1975, Son discovered her passion for flowers, gardening, and plants while immersing herself in American culture. Son's unwavering love for nature blossomed into a lifelong devotion, and she passed down her deep-rooted knowledge and passion to her granddaughter, Ai Van.

Dung Vu (left), Son Vu (right)

Today, as the owner of Sonny's Flower Shop, Ai Van continues her grandmother's legacy, combining tradition with innovation to bring joy to the hearts of our community. We understand that flowers have the power to speak a language of their own. They symbolize love, joy, gratitude, and so much more. We invite you to step into our world of flowers, where imagination blooms and every petal tells a story.